Myths about Radical Feminism & Frequently Asked Questions
What is Gender critical?

That gender is not an inherent aspect of sex, but a set of stereotypes/behavior expectations assigned to people by society because of their sex.

Gender is a tool of oppression used to maintain patriarchy as the mode of social order.

Do radical feminists hate men/trans people/*insert race/identity/physical trait*?


Radical feminism is inclusive of all women regardless of race, sexual orientation, disability, reproductive capacity, or intersex condition. It is therefore fundamentally incompatible with/intolerant of racism, homophobia, and ableism.

Radical feminists do not include in their movement males (including transwomen, nonbinary or any other kind of gender-identifying males, and intersex males). Radical feminism aims, not to gain equality to men, but to liberate women from men. Some may choose to abstain from relationships with males. None of this equates to hatred, though it is often construed as such.

How do Radical Feminists feel about trans people?

Gender ideology asserts that a person's personality and feelings and how they align with gender stereotypes is more innate to their personhood than their physical sex characteristics, and that this 'gender identity' is more deserving of recognition and legal protection than sex.

Radical Feminists believe the assertion that 'womanhood' can be expressed through behaviors, clothing, and makeup is misogynistic. The only commonalities all women share is having a female physiology and experiencing oppression based on our sex. Trans ideology suggests that a male has more in common with females than his own sex due to his aversion to performing gender roles. This implies gender is indeed inherent to sex, since identifying with that behaviors associated with a particular gender role is important enough to negate or change birth sex instead of proving gender is not inherent. In this way, trans ideology is fundamentally bioessentialist (an accuassation that is, ironically, commonly thrown at Radical Feminists.)

Transmen are included in Radical Feminism because they are female. However, they are seen as working against feminism and allies of patriarchy. A woman who claims she is not a woman because she has no interest in dresses and makeup is expressing misogyny - not because of her lack of interest in dresses and makeup, but because she thinks these things are inherent to being a woman.

Do Radical feminists support sex workers?

Radical feminists support the liberation of women from the sex industry. It opposes pornography, use of prostitutes by johns and pimps, the legalization of prostitution, stripping, and cam work. Radical feminists deny the claim that women can be "empowered" by supplying men with access to their bodies in exchange for money or goods.

Radical Feminism supports sex workers but opposes sex work. It does not support women choosing to engage in sex work for "fun" or "empowerment" and sees them as working against women and in support of patriarchy, as they are choosing to perpetuate the industry by engaging with it.
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