Links & Resources
Women's Declaration Of Sex-Based Rights
A site dedicated to the fight against gender-over-sex-based legal recognition and protections, and the eradication of sex-based recognitions

Women Are Human
A site documenting trans crimes reported as crimes by women and other women's rights relevant news

RadFem Collective
Grass-roots movement of Radical Feminists across the UK

Feminist Current
Feminist News

Female Social Media Platforms

A mastodon-based part of the social media diaspora

A reddit-clone for Gender Critical Feminists

s/GenderCritical on SaidIt
The official migration point for r/GenderCritical after the Reddit ban (SaidIt is not a feminist platform itself)

Links to Tumblr

Advice on caring for onesself physically and mentally outside of the gaze of patriarchy

RadFem Blues
How to cope with the bleak feelings that come with opening your eyes to the pervasiveness of misogyny

Dating, Sex, & Relationships
Basics on how to navigate intimacy, sex, and love with the male sex as a Radical Feminist (without necessarily going full Separatist Feminist)

Male RadFem Allies
How males can resist patriarchy and be allies to women. Radical Feminist theory is the antidote to incel and MRA ideology.

RadFem Quotes
Quotes in support of Radical Feminism and Gender Critical thought

Myths & FAQ
Misconceptions and frequently asked questions about Gender Critical & Radical Feminism

Links & Resources
Radical Feminist websites, news, and other helpful links

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